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Report of Constitutions Day
On 26th of November in our school we observed the constitutions Day. During the assembly the Social Science Club incharge Ms.Poornima gave the summary of Constitutions and its importance. Principal Fr.Jeevan Prabhu addressed the assembly and explained the history of our constitution and rights. The student council member Sunitha Bellakonda and Prakash of class IX read the constitutional fundamental rights. Shivapushpa & Dattatreya of class IX explained the value of fundamental duties. Students of class VIII and X led all the schoolmates in procession with the slogan holdings. Finally when procession reached back to the stage Steven Suprith of class IX read the Preamble of the Constitutions and Oath was taken, administrated by the senior most teacher Fr.Maxim Rasquinha. With the thanks giving of Mr.Devendrappa computer science instructor the programme was concluded.